Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Goodbye, Windows Mobile... Hello, Android!

Last Friday, with a heavy heart I powered down my Windows Phone, and fired up a device, that just three months ago I wouldn't have dreamt of... an Android Phone.
And I blame Microsoft for this.
I have been using Windows-based mobiles since 2011... Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and then Windows 10. For almost 7 years we shared a peaceful co-existence. The apps were few, but sufficient. 
Last December, the internal memory on Lumia device was depleting rapidly, and it was time for an upgrade. That's when the sad state of Windows Mobile ecosystem became evident to me. Microsoft itself seems to have given up on the mobile platform. There are no devices in sub-20k range. There's no support for UPI. Delayed updates to frequently used apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
Other power users of Windows Mobile such as Rohit Bhargav also suggested me not to continue with it. Thus began a search for an alternative.
Apple iPhone was never an option due to its high price range and the closed ecosystem. I considered BlackBerry for a very short time before settling on Android. Debashish Deshmukh, who happens to be the living encyclopedia of mobile devices in market spent hours coaching me on various models -- Samsung, Honor, and many more. He had recommended RedMi Note 4 as the best value-for-money mobile but I didn't wish to go through the hassle of waiting for the flash sales and opted for Moto G5 Plus.
Experience so far has been good; but it remains to be seen if I would overcome missing the following features of Windows Mobile:
Reliability: For the past 7 years that I have been using Windows Mobile on Lumia devices, not even once did I have to visit the store for any hardware repairs or software glitches. Let's see how Android devices fare in that comparison.
Metro UI: I still believe Metro UI is ideal for phones.
MS-Office tools: These are supposedly equally good on Android if not even better.
To Do Prime: My favourite to-do list app, it's not available on Android and am looking for its alternative.
OneNote: Not sure if it's available for Android. Evernote, perhaps?
I will continue to monitor the Windows Mobile space to see if Microsoft ever gets serious about it. Untill then, Goodbye, Windows Mobile... Hello, Android!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

What if....

There are some folks -- and that definitely includes me -- who keep fretting over a series of "What if -" questions in their minds. "What if the train doesn't reach on time?" What if the machine hangs during my presentation?" What if this, what if that...
This can be frustrating, not only for the person but also those around him/her. 
So, what I do is... Move on from "What if X happens?" to "What will I do if X happens?" This changes the whole perspective. If the train doesn't reach on time? Here are the people I should notify. If the machine hangs? Here are the important points from the presentation that I ought to memorize. and so on.
Rather than being paralyzed by fear and anxiety about what all things might go wrong, you start chalking out contingency plans and alternate approaches. It's fun.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Words matter!

Sant Tukaram has beautifully captured the importance of words... Every word of it rings true.
घासावा शब्द | तासावा शब्द |

तोलावा शब्द | बोलण्या पूर्वी ||

शब्द हेचि कातर | शब्द सुईदोरा
बेतावेत शब्द | शास्त्राधारे ||

बोलावे मोजके | नेमके ,खमंग ,खमके |
ठेवावे भान | देश ,काळ ,पात्राचे ||

बोलावे बरे | बोलावे खरे |
कोणाच्याही मनावर | पाडू नये चरे ||

कोणाचेही वर्म | व्यंग आणि बिंग |
जातपात धर्म | काढूच नये ||

थोडक्यात समजणे | थोडक्यात समजावणे |
मुद्देसुद बोलणे | हि संवाद कला||

शब्दांमध्ये झळकावी | ज्ञान ,कर्म ,भक्ती |
स्वानुभवातून जन्मावा | प्रत्येक शब्द ||

शब्दां मुळे दंगल | शब्दां मुळे मंगल |
शब्दांचे हे जंगल | जागृत राहावं ||

जीभेवरी ताबा | सर्वासुखदाता |
पाणी ,वाणी ,नाणी | नासू नये||

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Why do people watch a movie multiple times?

Why do people watch a movie gazillion times? 
Really liked a movie and want to see it a couple more times? Sure. Want to enjoy it again with different sets of friends/family/relatives? Definitely. Feel like watching it again few more times after gaps of some years? Of course. 

But.. Watching HAHK 17 times? 
Madhumati 25 times? 
And, watching DDLJ a freaking FORTY ONE times? 

These are actual numbers shared by real people. Exasperated, I ask: "Pray tell me what changes? The script? The acting?" And they are like, "No! Nothing changes, but... You won't understand."

Perhaps. I don't understand that. But what I do understand is this: 3 hours x 40 times = 120 hours. 

Folks, you spent five day-nights of your life watching the same thing over and over... And, you're not gonna get those back again.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Sales drive

I always make it a point to read the pamphlets/brochures that come along with the newspapers; not for the products they advertise but because of the awesome language they use. Here are some choice examples of amenities shown in various housing schemes.

  • First Come First Possessed (!)
  • Freedom from pollution, air and water. (poor souls)
  • Members Clubbing House (the place where folks club each other?)
  • Lawn 70000 sq ft (shown in the list of individual amenities for each flat)
  • Full sunlight during day (Aww... Not during night?) 
  • Children Parking (What? Ah, they meant playground/park.)
  • Entry gate light (What this means, someone enlighten me please)
  • 360 degree lake view (is this building right in the middle of a lake?)
  • CCTV camera for each room (each and every room?!)
  • Fiance from nationalized bank guaranteed (Wow!)